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Game play, Cyclones, Fog, etc

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Please fix !!!!!!!   Tone it down so its playable please,  Cyclones every time I leave port 6/8/10 of them , they follow you and make it  impossible to leave port . When I want to go play, kill ships etc  automatically its fop/rain/ cyclone/nighttime/  never a beautiful day.  all of that is fine but tone it down some, when there's only one person per grid seems like the AI just attacks you.    Too much lag and disconnects going from one grid to another, this is better after buying and M.2 drive and put Atlas on it.    Why is there no one playing?  The Islands are all taken but know one is around.  I play 8 to 10 hours a day (retired :)) and all hours also but no one!!   Thanks

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Hello..  i too been talking about this for a year now.. Soon as i lift the Anchor Bam Fog/Rain even if its a good day to sail it turns bad! I hate this sooo MUCH!!

Have the Cyclones Wander the sea's without the Target lock on to your ship!  i sould be able to sail around them if i see them coming! but make sure to keep the wander off the islands and locked to the seas as it has been.

In doing this make the DPS the cyclones do more so ships don't want to sail into a Storm...

Right now it feels to Robotic and alive.. Kills the whole felling the cyclones have to ALL of us right now..

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