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pvp New PVPVE Private Dedicated Roleplay Server

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Hello Fellow pirates!

I want to welcome you to Paradise Islands Roleplay!


Paradise Islands Roleplay is casual 24/7 2x2 pvpve server.

We are looking to start a community of gamers who just want to play the game like it was meant to be.


We have all 11 powers stones and discovery points. 


We strive to bring a community together who love the game and who doesn't like official servers.


The only rules are be a pirate but respect the community and everything must be done in Roleplay!

Very important! When crossing grids, cross between island, not directly at one. The chances of a crash is very high. Be warned.

If you need a pickup to help get you started, join our discoed and let us know.

Our discord is discord.gg/mArzRGS

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