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pvp New 2x2 Private server Realm of the Knights

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Hello Fellow pirates and gamers!


I want to welcome you to Realm of the Knights!


Rotk is casual 24/7 2x2 pvpve server.

We are looking to start a community of fellow casual gamers who just want to play the game like it was meant to be.


Rotk has all quests, 11 powers stones and discovery points. 

3x harvesting, 3 times taming with all resources and animals! And purely vanilla


We strive to bring a community together who loves the game and who doesn't nesscarliy like offical servers.

We plan to grow to a bigger server once we start bringing in players and content creators alike.

If interested or have questions please mad dme and message me on discord 

The only rule is be a pirate but respect the community!

My discord is TheeHolyKnight#4879

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