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pvp [AU] Unofficial Australian Server - 800 Slots with 4x4 Grid

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Our Unofficial Australian/OCE Atlas Server is ready to be released! 

We've just hit over 350 concurrent players across our 16 clusters, out of 800 slots. 

Click here for our discord

Server Name: [AU] Australian Unofficial Server | 800 Slots


We've got over 800 members in discord, server runs at 1.5x rates, 50 slots per cluster (16 clusters = 800 slots). Ping usually between 30 and 90ms, hosted in Sydney. Costs us a lot per month but we've had incredible support from the community. Come have a chat on discord + see you on the seas. 350+ people online during peak.atlas-oceania-AI-imported-transparent.thumb.png.363810d70383bc2e0e813ec15028fafc.png

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On 1/16/2019 at 7:14 AM, Sibop said:

Hi, guys, i need ip server, i dont see in the list


That IP & port is our master server which you can connect to (A1 grid I believe)

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