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Linux + Blackwood, testing needed!

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I'm working on a HOWTO to set up a Linux dedicated server with the Blackwood map and atlasmanager.

The server is up and looks good, but I'd really like to see how well it performs. If anyone would be willing to help stress testing, please join "Allies of Charybdis". I plan to leave it up for a couple of months while I clean up some management scripts. There is no password, and no BattleEye. There are also, of course, no mods, no tweaks, no rules and no community.

The server performance may not be great, but that's one of the things I want to test. It's hosted on a virtual machine behind a firewall, using a VPN for internet presence, so it may have a high ping and be slow to respond. It's also running with only 8 gigs of memory, and I'd really like to know how much memory a few users will take up.

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