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Maps and spam

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Maps have become almost nonexistent or at least near impossible to find or get to either because they can’t spawn due to walls, spam or defenses on islands.
My suggestion is, move the spawn points of the maps in a bottle to the sunken ships in the oceans in each grid. Granted it’ll still be almost impossible to collect your treasures due to defenses on enemy islands but it could be an excellent bargaining chip for extra peace time during combat phases against pestering companies, exchange of resources, or exchanges of maps that are on your island or on a neighboring alleys island.

ideas and suggestions.

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This is a great point, kinda what killed this season a bit for me everything I find a map go to the location and massive wall and puckels everywhere. You ask the island owners if they want to buy the map and they shoot you in the face sink you ship and take it anyway PIRATES! So, it brings you to a point of yawn and boredom and when I get bored don't know about you I play other games and won't ever bother.


Someone suggested getting rid of the SOTDs and making them have real boardable ships. A maps finding could be the starting of a script that spawns a real ship with Soldiers of the damned  you have to fight. No more bear fights to these.

Kinda stuck because they made the grid 11x11 and the 15x15 wasn all that bad with walls. Redesign the game! It's a good game but if your even ging to bother having maps there should be a way to do them.

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