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pvp Allerian Seas Roleplay Server for Xbox/PC crossplay

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The Allerian Seas have always been a place of mystery.  Islands rise and fall like the tides, monsters are said to slumber deep in the trenches, and legends have it the waters gave birth to the gods.  Of course, this is all myth, or is it?

If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, come check out Allerian Seas!  We’re a dedicated roleplay server created for roleplayers, by roleplayers.  Pick a race, set your profession, and join a company or create your own as you begin your adventure.  We welcome tradesmen, businessmen, pirates, scallywags, and all other walks of life!  No matter your character, you can join the guilds and complete quests for gold, or dedicate yourself to one to rise through the ranks.  Come play on a server with a set lore and a story driven purpose. 

To make gameplay easier, we have sped up taming, breeding, and turned off aging, among other small tweaks to the settings.  The map is 2 grids,  and as we gain more players, more grids will be added for further exploration.  Don’t let that deter you!  We have a system in place to keep the map changing and exciting for those who love exploration! 

Check out our website at http://www.allerianseas.com/ for more information, registration, and a link to our discord!




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