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so ar one base they had a cool set up. But a note from shop corresponding note name to an animal pen.

Note 3 = animal in pen 3.

Throw it on the ground to read and get a pin number to unlock and claim animal.


Im trying to duplicate this and dont seem to be able too.

I can write a note. But not name or title it like they did. And it shows the note content just looking at it without buying and tossing on the ground.

This was a great set up in my opinion and would love to duplicate it.


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I've been trying to do the same thing, but I can't replicate it.

When you look at the note in any inventory, the only thing you see is the bottom of the note that says (for example) "Lot 3" - which indicates what lot you are buying (in my case, it was a bear).  So if you buy the note from a shop you only see the part at the bottom. Regardless of what inventory you have the note in, you can't see the top.  The only way you can see the top is when you throw it on the ground and look at it.  Then my note said: "PIN xxxx" (where the xxxx was the PIN for the room where my bear was that I'd bought when I paid for the note).  I went to the room labelled "Lot 3", keyed in the PIN and claimed my bear.

Very cool way to buy animals unattended.

But I haven't been able to do it myself yet...

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