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pvp (ZZGRP) Ch. 2: Montressor - Dawn of Shoggoth Starts Sept 2nd

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Welcome Atlasians
― Famous Pirate Quote

Server History
ZZGaming has been around for years, we have been hosting several different survival MMOs, And Atlas is no Different. 
We strive to make this a better RP place with a splash of PVP if needed. 
We have a great community and hope to see you all with us soon. Foremost we are an RP server

Server Info
-White list
-XP rate 5x
-Harvest 3.5x
-6x6 server fully custom made
-Faster crafting speeds
-Better taming and breeding
-RP friendly as we are an RP world
-Settlement Enforced
-Decent Decay timers
-In-Depth Server Rules

Server Specs
ZZGRP owns equipment we do not rent nor do we ever plan to. Our servers will be here forever.
-2 DELL R620s with
-Dual Xeons on each server
-256gb of ram on each server
-Business Fiber Dedicated 1000D/1000U
-DDOS Protection

Server Mods
-Keep it simple stupid is ZZGRP Motto
-ZZGaming Mod Pack ( Building pieces, figureheads, new animals, skins, and some other cool stuff.
-Figureheads and Ship essentials -ZZGaming Edition (New Ships, Sail skins)
-Atlas Harvester (The stacking mod and some other changes)
-Atlas Overseer (Admin MOD)
-Market NPC’s
-Upgraded Crew Silo and Repair Warehouse
-Farsight (see ships and SOTD in the Distance
-Navy and Pirate ships NPC controlled all over the Ocean

ZZGaming RP website:

Discord Server

Server Info
(ZZGRP) Ch. 2: Montressor - Dawn of Shoggoth
Official Start Date: ( Sept 2nd 2020 )
Official Start Time: 10AM EST
Current Jobs Available
Modders, Moderators, Admins, apply here https://zzgrp.net/staff_application/


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