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pve PVE Market - Cats, Cats, Cats!! =^.^=

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Fog Whisperer's presents - The Pussy Pagoda "Cat Shop"

It's time to rebuild our customer base. Last season, under the name The Debalts in partnership with The Black Locks, we made a name for ourselves as the premier cat whisperers in NA PVE servers, maintaining the best prices and selection of these little companions. Selling out of our stock every swap meet. But now, these two companies have combined. And we haven't lost sight of our love of pussy cats! 

New Pricing Guidelines:

Lvls 1-4: 100g

Lvls 5-9: 125g

Lvls 10-14: 150g

Lvls 15-19: 175g

Lvls 20-24: 200g

Lvls 25-29: 225g

Lvls 30-34: 250g

Lvls 35-39: 275g

Lvls 40-43: 300g

Lvls 44+: 350g+

The Fog Whisperer's are located in F9 Bigsevain island, SouthEast tip, next to Tames R Us.

May also contact: Savoir Faire#2284 in discord for pictures of current stock or reservations.




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