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map layout Proposed map change & more.

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I doubt you will even read or seriously consider the idea I have been thinking about for map changes that could really boost the games overall playable nature for a lot of players.

The central part of  the map is almost perfect in all reality, The outer grid and freeports however could use some modification imo & below are the changes I propose.

Grid layout - 3x3 grid layout around the central ring of "Lawless & Golden Age"

With the map in it's current state, this configuration could easily be integrated without any major issues & promote lots of travel and pvp & can fit this block chain setup around the outer part of the map how it is currently moving the current freeports slightly.

( A1 - Claimable, B1 - Lawless, C1 - Claimable )

(A2 - Lawless, B2 - Freeport, C2 - Lawless)

(A3 - Claimable, B3 - Lawless, C3 - Claimable )

*****All lawless island surrounding the freeports should have resources to make cannons and cannon balls, which will encourage rapid sailing and pvp. Central lawless providing "nodes that provide higher yields".

***Reduce the cost of, Basic learned common "Non-Blueprint" ship planks, while leaving the blueprint crafts as is costing more resources & multiple types, which will help players get on the water faster and feel like they are not wasting an immense amount of time on losing ships while parked, etc.

Let's be honest we all want LOTS of people to be playing this game & I personally feel as though these changes are exactly "SOME" of the things that could really elevate this game to the next level of game-play, Outside of a rewrite in "Unreal 5 engine, Fantasy upgrade... Drools.  :oP** " ( More people playing = More money in sales for the company, More people sailing around everywhere fighting all the time making the game a ton more fun.)

*****The freeports need a total overhaul in reality, Starting with the harbor master being able to store ships, A stacking "Bank - ship resource box" & adding a marketplace that you can post items for sale worldwide Making items available & "Visible " in all freeports across the map for sale/trade, But would need to be picked up at the freeport of sale, However other players could pick-up the items and transport as  "Courier missions" for a fee, but would have to pay the collateral gold costs of the item that is being sold.

I also feel as though the schooner should use small planks and sloops should get a new tiny plank instead, setting the ships into categories of their own.

I have a ton of other ideas about much needed changes, But I am not going to drag this letter out any further than I already am, Unless I am contacted back to discuss possible changes. Which I would be more than happy to allow my brain to be picked for ideas etc.

P.S. Thank you for looking at this if you did.

Love - Virgil

Aka (Xquizet - Skittles - Candy Is Dandy)

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Some stuff that I think would be positive for the game


I like doing the powerstones, but many people ask me why they need them.snowman I say, but they like it to be more, something that make sense. I therefore wish the complete compass had a purpose.

it could for example:

spin while nearby the ghostship

glow towards lvl 30 wildlife

glow towards the spermwhale 

and more, we just want the fully powered compass to do something, to stimulate more people to do the powerstones and the essence . A little bit more that a dance, even if I like those..lol

im sure some bright minds on this forum has more ideas on what the powered compass can do, suggestions?

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