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Anyone looking for a Settler? :-)

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Ahoy mi Fellow pirates!! 


Im a old fuck, 28, n been playing since season 2, so kind of know my way around. 

I just started playing on the PVP EU server and was wondering if anyone has room for a solo settler.  

I dont need much space and Will be making sure to defend the area properly so random ppl cant swing by n troll me. I'll be doing my own thing so u guys dont have to babysit med, In other Words, I dont need a daddy ❤️ unless you're overweight n have a anchor tattoed at ur forehead, in that case hit me up u Dirty rascal 😘


Im more than willing to Pay taxes, help defend in case of attack or Jump along for some PVP, and I wouldnt mind joining in on a Company discord to have some fun while doing so. 

Im really active in periods, other times I only play a couple of days a week. If it makes a difference I've been a mainbuilder, of both bases, defence n boats. 


As for now, I'm living in lawless, where I've been leveling a bit in order to build a boat n stuff.  


Hit me up if you know a place that has room for me. 



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