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Hahahaha! The hell this guy is a Pharaoh! 


But if I talk seriously I see the only solution, and no one likes it! To cancel all "Minecraft" construction and introduce premade buildings.

- Those different houses.

- 2 sizes (small and big ones) and 2 materials - wooden and stone.

- You can enter there, there are windows, doors, etc.

- The only "constructor" type left is roads, walls/gates/fences, and pier infrastructure. 

- There is also... some kind of foundation - flat area with slope edges.


The buildings I see are:

- Small/Big tent for beginning. There is a campfire and bed inside. Shelter and respawn.

- Tavern - with cooking spots, food/water storage, beds for respawn.

- Storage house - with storage boxes.

- Workshop - smithy and mortar+pestle. 

- Sewing workshop - tannery and loom.

- Blacksmith - forges.

- Wharf (sea smithy for ship production).

- Living house (for inland crew).

- Tames nursery house (for those, who wanna breed).

- Some farming infrastructure.

- etc.

And maybe - custom house, which is a house and you choice which equipment to put inside).


The building process is simple. You put your foundation. Then place building - like we do now with windmills and lighthouses. Then construction site appears. It requires some (alot) resources for building complete. We bring resources and after some small time period building is complete.





Yeah there will be way WAY less creativity, and we no longer be able to create our arty designs. But hey! Really! Are we playing Atlas for this?


Or even this?


Really? Maybe we go Sims-4 instead?

The advantages of my idea are:

- No more monstrous, weird, ugly, or just simple cube bases. We all will live in small villages.

- All will be polys optimized. No more server stalls.

- We'll have less time for construction and more for all other staff (there must be other stuff tho, like seas and inland quests etc).

- Devs will be able to introduce different styles of buildings like southern styles, Nordic styles, Asian styles etc, and release them as DLCs to get xtra income.

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As someone on Xbox that's lives in C7 ya it can be really crappy but I'd rather deal with 250+ pings, crappy lag, and rubberbanding than prefab buildings. I play to build and very little of the sailing is of interest to me. 

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❤️ pyramides ❤️
..|.. lawless in generall.
Thanks GS!

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Did he reach his build limit and that's why centre is unfinished? Be funny if true.

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You know what I've noticed recently?

Most of players in PvE are actually play this way. They do not seek adventures. They do not preparing and involve themself to endgame content. They don't build and level ships for seas battles. Do not craft a stuff for high level maps. They do not do the quests. They just play "Sims" and "Happy farm". They do building (alot) and then taming/breeding. Then selling tames to eachother so they could do their buildings more efficient way. Play this way for a while.

Then drop the game!

So this Pharaoh guy it the great example of what players do in PvE. I mean not all players, but there are ALOT of them. Most of them! And... well IMAO, devs really should do something with that. I mean If they wanna give us the PIRATE game...

(I mean I'm not judging, everyone find their way to play but... we've already got ARK for breeding, sims for building! And yet don't have any pirate MMO except SoT which I don't like the concept. And if DEVs continue to improve tames and building aspect of the game instead of sailing, we just wont have any pirate MMO we promised).

p.s. - Spent some time today at this C7. Funny bug - the server can not handle it and it's still daylight at 22:00 (10pm). After that it's switching to the night within like 0.1 sec lol.

p.p.s. - I don't know why so many players cover theirs shorelines with foundation spam! But they make bottles unavailable. And these time it's SO DIFFICULT to find purple bottles. Last time I found one after I make circles around 25 islands! And I saw like 5 purple bottles under foundations. Thanks alot. I hope those foundations serve you well. 😦

Edited by George Catcher

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You know what I have noticed?, all the pve players paid the same amount of money as the pvp players did for the game. And equally have the right to play how they choose to.

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And equally have the right to play how they choose to.

As I mentioned above - I'm not judging. I just feel a bit sad because I personally came to sailing romance MMO, the world full of dangers and adventures and then...

- Islands go to way less dangerous state so ppl could build (I mean I don't remember when I last time felt danger in my island)

- We got more animals for taming/breeding.

- We got farmhouses now so players could do more building...

Where is sailing? Where is adventures? If DEVs mean it!? If they do the game which is a mix between minecraft and sims (or as some say - Atlas is ARK just from another view direction)? They should make confession about it. They should make it clear. So all players who loves sailing romance and want THE Game, would stop suffer from their unfulfilled hopes and dreams, delete game and wait until next one will come up.

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