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Small Co. of Loyal & Active Players looking for an Alliance

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Ahoy fellow pirates!

 We have a small company of 4-6 players who need somewhere safe to lay our heads under the stars. We're a well rounded company with all easy going and chill members. We enjoy the social aspect and love to have a good laugh but are growing fatigued having to restart every few days. Unfortunately for us we just don't stand a chance against the big boys and are looking for a very specific set of requirements in our allie(s). 

1.) we don't have a true leader, we are a team but no marching orders..Players are free to do as they please (within reason) and not subject to having to be someone's errand boy.  We play on xbox and party chat with each other. We wouldn't want to be required to party chat with your company. Also it's important that we be allowed to do our own thing unless you need a hand. This would need to be respected and adhered to. That said, we believe that acting as a team is the only way of sustained success in the world of atlas (that's why we are looking for you!)

2.) we do not wish to simply settle on someone's land; we would want to form an alliance to protect ourselves and our ships, blueprints, tames, etc. 

3.) Every company thus far has required us to be on the front lines. Though we understand everyone must pay their dues and we have absolutely no issue; in fact we eagerly welcome helping you defend what is yours full stop. However  as previously mentioned, we need somewhere safe to keep our boats, blue prints, etc.. I realize this is a complete stranger asking for a lot but knowing our company and how we operate this is the only way we can assure a mutual beneficial alliance.

4.) In return you can count on loyal allies. If you need help defending, raiding, trading, etc. We will be there for you. 

A few facts about our small group...

- 3/4 based in the UK

-1/2 based in the US

-all met one way or another through xbox; never met in person but hope to change that in the next year or so.

- all 18+ and often our discussion on audible activities should only be heard by someone 18 (age span from 23-37)

- 3/4 of us go pretty hard so you can count on very active players

- the lot of us are pretty experienced and have learned a lot playing in the last few months. We certainly aren't noobs but struggling to maintain a high level of success without one of the big companies giving us a chance (we realize you giving us a chance is a dash of good luck). We've built many, many, many ships, bases. etc. and witnessed them all become ruins or decor in Davy Jones' Locker.

- we are in this for the long haul and would like to alliance with a like minded company. We know that once we find the right fit what we bring to the table for your benefit will greatly enhance.

In short, we're certainly are getting the better end of the deal, we realize that, but if you need loyal and active players that be counted on and you're cool with our requirements, please reach out to me here.  We would love to pirate the seas with you.

May your skies always be blue and the wind forever at your back! Argh!

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Dear @◘Scallywag feel free to reach out to me discord tag:Yannick#3025

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Hi, just wondering if you managed to find a company?? We are having the same issues. There are only 5 of us. But unfortunately one company imparticular has decided to completely wipe us from the island we were on...

Hoping there are companies out there looking for more allies 😩

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