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Claim flag and High places

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Hello everyone,

The fighting on high mountains and taking down claim flags has always been a pain and not a fun way of doing combat to me. It makes the game focused on doing barrel gliding until there is only a crater left or building so much defense on top of a large pillar that no on can touch you. This does not really fit in to a pirate/colonies game, where you are supposed to have sieges.

I would like to suggest an easy and pretty nice fix for this. You have a claim flag that has a area where you need to contest the flag, this area is normally a small size that most mountains can cover. This makes it so you have to take the top of the mountain before you can unclaim the flag.
   I think that you can fix this by making the area of contesting grow larger the higher up you place the flag and make it so you have to go to the attackers flag to stop the unclaiming of your flag. If you then place your flag up to high then it will cover almost the whole island. This way you have to actually defend the island if you chose to place it on a pillar.

In my opinion this would encourage the defenders to have more ground level defenses and would make ground sieges more fun. You could also adjust the pvp timer to 6 h instead of 9 h, since you can now use ground forces and actually have a fight. It feels to me like 9 h of being able to be siege is way to long for the average player but it's been necessary because of the large pillar bases.

Tell me what you think and like this post.

Best Regard
Jack Shepard

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