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A thought occurred regarding Catapults, and how they are only used when people are bored enough to launch themselves somewhere.

How do you make these worth using?

Give them the ability to launch Explosive Barrels, with a set detonation timer similar to the Spike Shot.

At the same time, to help promote this new use, disable the ability to glide with them and slow people who carry them. Catapults (as far as I know) can be fitted to carts like Cannons and Ballista. So this enables them to be used still whilst attacking an island, with the means to counter them like normal with cart based weaponry. 

It would also enable players to launch these barrels into the sea like a timed mine.

It also helps combat the barrel gliding problem (which in turn might provide performance increases as people aren't building superstructures in attempt to stop these flying bombers)

In regards to slowing people carrying them, perhaps just prevent sprinting, assuming it doesn't already (I've never carried one personally) means that you can still carry and bomb people using them, but an attack or defense won't get overrun quickly by a bunch of barrel carrying lunatics in their pants.

Alternatively you could remove the ability to pick them up, with players having to make use of the suggested Catapult launching method to use them for fighting, but still allowing the initial placement in order to create traps.

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