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where do I keep my stuff? land claims?

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I started yesterday. I cannot build any structure in freeport, therefore I cannot make a smithy and therefore I cannot make my tools.

So, question

A) How can craft items if I can't build my own base?

I went out trying to find an island to build my base, and discovered the entire square on the map is freeport. I spent two hours floating on my crappy ship to the next closest island. It then told me I couldn't build where in a "lawless zone"

B) How can I tell from looking at the map where I am allowed to build?

Then players told me that all the islands on the map were claimed and I wouldn't find one. I'd have to pay someone rent. I don't even have 1 gold piece yet or have a clue what I am doing...
C) Where can I safely tore my goodies then?

Finally, I get online and google land claims, and it seem it has changed mechanics several times, so I don't even know how they currently work.
D) How do land claims work today?

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Firstly, I assume you are playing on one of the official servers?

A) You leave freeport. At the NPC town there is a pier, at the end of the pier is a ship vendor, if you bring him the materials he can make you a raft or ramshackle sloop so you can sail out of freeport. The zones you can not build in are freeports and golden age ruins grids.

B) There are four freeports. The freeport will always have 4 identical islands at the North, East, South and West positions (rotated but identical). Golden age ruins (the other zones you can not build in) are the 8 grids surrounding the centre grid (Centre Maw, where the Kraken is summoned).

C) Rent does not exist in Atlas unless someone chooses to charge it, but there is no mechanic to enforce this. What they possibly incorrectly referred to I imagine is Island Taxes. On PvE the owner of an island you gather resources on will get 20% on top of what you gather, so you lose nothing (you harvest 10 wood, they get 2, you get 10). On PvP the tax is removed from what you gather up to a max of 30% set by the island owner (you harvest 10 wood, they get 3, you get 7).
Safety on atlas depends entirely on what server you play on and other variables.

D) Someone places their flag on an unclaimed island and after their flag fully raises (1 hour?) they own that island. You can contest this process by being inside their flags radius. They have to keep gold in the flag to pay 12 hourly upkeep. The flag can also pay and feed NPC crew on the island with some settings for this available to the island owner. If there is not enough gold in the flag when the upkeep needs paying then the claim will be lost. On PvP enemy companies can attempt to steal your claim during combat time (9 hours each day, set by the island owner). To contest you place your flag inside the island owners flag radius and remove all of their players and NPCs from inside their flag radius, then their flag will declaim before yours starts to claim. 

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Not sure if youve played any single player but i generally advise people to start there.

Youtube has helpful info also. I think theres a "guides" section here on forums as well.


Playing on official servers is a bit tricky and this Is a deep game, I would advise starting on PvE

Get to a player named island, (mine was named Sparta for example) let them know your new and see if they want new players in their company. Don't take it personal if they say no and if they say yes congrats you have a mentor.


You can also try shouting "new player LFG" or something similar. I think theres a recruitment section here on the forums or you could just try messaging someone here directly also.


Otherwise you can try just building a small base on the player owned island but theres some etiquette, kinda, so I'd advise trying to join an established group, even if its just temporary.


Good luck & have fun

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