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Survivor Gamer Presents X-Nation
New islands!!!!
PvpPve RP Based severs 20 4x5 in total

Do you like Rp? Do you like pPve? Do you like to pvp once In awhile then.....


The Survivor Gamer Presents X-Nation
We believe in the commitment and players to be able to learn and reach out. We are like minded individuals that love gaming and the survivor experience!

We have a young adult 18 to age 60 server and want you to participate we want you to have fun Rp and not have to worry about not being able to play the game and get to end game without getting foundation wiped everyday. We want you to check us out to see for yourself see our web page out as well and enjoy

https://thesurvivorgamer.com/ any and ALL questions about rules mods servers ect can all be answered here at this web page Please visit thanks 



active community
Rates 3x to 4x server
3x loot 6x
3x harvest 4x
6x mating
6x breeding
high tier loot maps 
200 level player ships ie player vessels can be leveled up to 200 
max level players 130 ie player level cap
and more so solos can craft ect without a big company. skill tree unlocks all engrams after a certain level so we welcome the solo player as well 
subs also unlocked so you can tame that crab or explore the ocean depths.
 npc shops to buy mats sell mats and buy custom tames from a npc vendor
shop is not attached to any company so the gold is balanced as well. So if you don't or cant or wont farm you can use IN game gold to buy your mats to craft that mythical ship
Or trade with other companies!!
vitamin drain food balanced 
200 max island points

WE also custom program our loot tables from sotd drops to supply crate drops allow for custom items to be looted 
are sotd are balanced with our servers so that there can be a progression to your gameplay
also balanced leveling that gives you awesome stats but stays with the balance of the servers to make it not be to op also different creatures drop different items such as tools armor and much much more!!!!
are admins focus on issues that affect you asap and strive to make your experience a great one. THANK YOU  for taking the time to read this post !


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