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Standardize Islands

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In several threads and things the devs have said is that they want more ship pvp and less land pvp. Something that may facilitate this is the standardization of islands. Right now, we have some islands with zero or near zero metal. Zero or near zero crystal and gems. These 3 things are used in pvp quite a bit, and if you don't have a ready source then you're pushing to get one or taking a painful amount of time to ship them home.

I suggest: Standardize the islands. I don't mean make them all the same. What I mean is:

1. They all need a harbor.

2. They all need a defensible feature. Mountain, Hill, Cave, whatever. A flat island is a pain to defend.

2. They all need a reasonable amount of Wood, Thatch, Fiber, Metal, Gem and Crystal.


I get that the idea behind missing resources on the islands is to promote trade; However, with the reduction of islands(and thus the reduction of good islands), it has become painful to source everything needed to keep a moderate size company running organically. Instead of trading metal for wood, or fiber for thatch, etc. we should be trading types of metal, wood, fiber, ect. Reduce the types of materials to 1 type per island. Also, get rid of the tiny speck islands. They're useless. If all the islands have the basics then all companies are put on a more level footing.

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