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Look. I understand why you did it. Griefing with ranged weapons certainly could be a problem. 
But no game should ever force players into doing one thing, when there are other options that the game offers. And that is exactly what has happened.

NPCs on mounted weapons are immune to most, if not all ranged weapons. This means that Pirate Bases are essentially completely impossible at even relatively low levels. (not to mention the ridiculous strength of all pirates). I get the reasoning behind this; you can't just sit super far away and pike people from out of range. So make them resistant. Make it so that they take 1/2, or even 1/5 of the damage from firearms and bows. Don't make them immune. We should be able to use strategy to take down a high leveled base, instead of having to use tames.

Soldiers of the Damned are immune to all ranged attacks at this point. (Sure, there may be one or two I've missed, but that's not the point). This is just stupid. The simple reason I see is that people were kiting the soldiers down to the beach, then blowing them up with swivels or something, and farming massive XP. Great! That's a problem. So, make it so that they can't go very far from their spawn point. O wait, you already did. They see you no matter where you are, and they chase you down. They can pop up through the ground, etc. etc. So why are they immune to ranged weapons? This IMO isn't even a question of they should be resisitant. This is just bollocks. They should not be immune, or even resistant, to any ranged weapon. It's silly, and it's stupid. Damage from melee is fine. Maybe even increase melee damage (they'r tanky enough). But no ranged damage? That's just not okay. It's not balanced, or fun, or interesting. It's just frustrating.


TL:DR, I get you want people to use tames. Cool! People will. Let us use the rest of the stuff you put in the game too.
Resistance to a weapon type is honestly fine. Immunity is just not. If you have to have some kind of immunity, make ground npcs immune to ship weapons. That's fine. But do not make them immune to an entire class of weaponry.

I really like the concept of the game. But it's tarnished heavily when we can't use all of the things that are in the game.

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sigh.....nothing new here.   I posted about this last year and only returned to the game recently hoping to finally get to live out pirate fantasy life.   Skeleton archers are a trope that has been around for years and is why they are in the game, so they get to fire on us but we cannot fire on them back?    As I posted before it is a trivial fix if they did not like people kiting them to shore to plink them from the ship - because the system already knows where the damage is incoming from .  All they needed to do was stop that and allow the low level who want to plink the freeport damned for their treasure using their bow they just learned.   

Cure the inevitable LTP get a bear posts...


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As of 26/10/2020, npcs mounted on weapons are immune to all hand-weapon damage. Pirate structures can't be damaged by anything in your hand, which means you can't pick away at a wall or anything. And, because they are npcs, even the level 1.1 pirate camps have level 78 pirates in them, which are essentially invincible to a small crew of low level characters. Because we can't kill them, and they have auto aim at absurd range, (even if the cannons do barely any damage to *us* they do more than enough to our structures to limit capabilities) these pirate camps make it unreasonably difficult to settle well on any non-freeport.

Soldiers of the Damned even from the lowest level non-common treasure map are impossible to defeat even with three characters, as they take nearly no damage from ranged weapons, and simply out dps any human character with non-blueprint weapons. Which we can't get without defeating unreasonably difficult mobs.

Both of these mean that, as usual, in a game about PIRATES, the only viable tactic to do anything in your game is to use tames, and preferably, an army of nameless tames who you don't care about. This, along with the incredible difficulty of taming any even slightly hostile animal, means that it is incredibly difficult to defeat the enemy you have to defeat in order to be able to play and enjoy the game any further.
Devs, for the love of god, please. There are easy fixes to any griefing problem you have. If you don't believe me, then fine. Make "anti-grief" a toggleable world setting. But for the sake of having people be able to play your game in any way that isn't just min-maxing, please make at least the supposedly "easy" npcs manageable. And frankly, sod you if you think this is the way a pirate game ought to be played. It's frustrating, and it's limiting, especially when you've already created a cool framework for the rest of the combat, and you've just decided that you will not allow us to use the things that you put in the game.

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