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pvp 11x11 Legion Gaming Atlas Servers Wiped 8/5/20

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Legion Gaming Atlas Servers

Does the Grind of the official Atlas server got you down? Well, I got some good news for you my friends you can now enjoy the Offical Atlas map that's right the new 11x11 one.
Come on over to the first unofficial moded server to offer the Full Offical map with 15x gather and very nice shop to help keep it running. The owner Sparky and his team of admins offers +AAA customer service. The server just wiped to host the new map come give it a try matte!!!!!

We would like to welcome u all to Legion Gaming
we are hosting the full official 11x11 map
we got an active admin team for all your worries
The admin team is not raideble and cannot raid players
We are however in-game to deal with urgent matters directly and to sail around cause that's what we like to do 😛
We do not tolerate Toxic players and deal with these matters ASAP
We Do events every now and then like ship battle royals
We also use server wide cross-chat so u can keep in touch with everyone 😉

what are the Rates?
15x Taming
15x Farming
15x EXP
max lvl ships 150
max lvl wild dinos 67
max lvl dino after tame 230
3.5x gold multiplier
What mods do we run?
ATLAS Architect
ATLAS Shipwright
ATLAS Beastmaster
Join now and find out more!
Discord- https://discord.gg/ScuNgYY
or search for us in game: [EU][UK]Legion Maelstrom PvPvE/11x11/15xAll
Msg Vampire  on the discord to let me know u joined trough this post to get a free in-game reward 😉

See you their sailers

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ding ding boom you sunk my battleship 

server is great no lag goes down for updates and the admins are always available. unless they are drunk lols  

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So no information if this is pure PvP or a mix. Just looking for a nice server for me and a friend that got run over on offical where there was a base colse to us that buold massive walls around us and forcing us to move. So looking for a new home now. I did login to the server and damn so silk smooth server no lag at all.



----- Edit -----

Did see the red PvP icon now...

                                                                --- End Edit ---

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Avg server population during the day? Strictly decent pvp server, no admin abuse towards other tribes?  15x resources i get that getting up as fast as you can but wouldn't 5x with stacking mod be just as quick. Or is it just a strictly pvp away you go server? Asking for others.

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