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Two things holding me back, Combat system and griefing

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Hello Guys,

I played this game a lot(2292 h) and i like so many parts of the game. The size, the amount of content and the explosive power of cannons 🙂 but what made me stop last time looks to still be there.

[Combat system]
Let us talk about the basic things that makes me not feel that the game is good! I want to say that this game needs a more solid pvp/pve combat system to give it a better player skill foundation. You need a directional melee combat system to give you a basic skill lvl(Like Last Oasis). You should not stop moving just because your are swinging or blocking with normal melee attacks.

That is not all tho, character movement needs to be cleaned up by adding momentum to your movement. You don't want o or 100 to be the two chooses you have. The character should start accelerating slowly and then after a short while reach max movement speed. The max movement speed of a player should also be slowed down slightly, it feels like you move really fast as a player but this might just be because of the character animations?

You will have to make changes to bolas, by making them not incapacitate you but just slow you down in stead. This fells like an important, because you should always be able to fight back a little at least. You feel to helpless when you get bola ed at the moment.

The guns in the game are great, i don't think you need to change much to them. They are support weapons, that can give you and edge before you switch to melee 😀 I really like this.

[Griefing and harrasment]
There is a fine line between griefing and trying to whittle a group of players down. Most of the time it comes down to destroying peoples stuff when they are not online or being able to constant destroy other players game play loops for little cost.

I am not entirely sure how to fix this but i think a good start has something to do with the map and changing the way none pvp areas work. You don't have to have a zone where you can not do pvp, you just have to enforce it with None player character guards. You can add a security lvl to the freeports and lawless areas and then have navy npc's taking care of keeping the peace. This would be a good start in trying to build a better system for creating a safe place that is less abusable.
   I would also suggest that you add a cool down for entering the high security zones. For instance: if you just shot at someone else, then you might not be able to enter the high security map for 5 min because you did a player aggression.

I would also like to suggest that when you take a settlement, you get some pre determined areas where you can build your fort for gold. More like a upgrade settlement that has predetermined walls and buildings you need to defend. When you have payed a one time gold price you then build that fort up and can then put up your own defenses on it. This would allow you tho have a specific place where you have to defend the flag and limit the abusive placement of settlement flags. It would also give you another reason to use gold 🙂 You could even use gold for repairs when you are in peace time.
   The biggest plus by having this would be that you send less time on land doing the annoying stuff.

I know this is a lot and would take time to get done but i believe this would make the game a lot better for all players. It would surely make me come back to the game really fast 😀

Best Regurd
Jack Shepard

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The the map shrinking and the population up it's worse than it's ever been in those respects.  ALL the islands are claimed because it now cost virtually nothing to do so.

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They should think about being able to enlarge or shrink the world map according to how many people play the game. This would make it more balanced regarding player to island ratio 🙂 It a good point tho.


Can i get some nice admin to move this to the Suggestion and feedback area? I can not see how i move it my self 😅

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