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PLEASE make the Sod's actual ships with a crew and a captain boss that we can board and defeat and get treasure other than just cannon sink, rinse, repeat! Do't allow animals to board. But make the Aod soldiers board your vessel too if you get close enough to board them! They would need to be defeated in order to get underway again...Also make the ships surface out of the water instead of just poofing into existence. Put sails on them and make them follow the same wind rules as we do. Captured SoD's would remain in the world for 2 hours but can only be remanned with actual players and not npc's but would have unlimited ammo or something for that short duration.....maybe only the galleon.... this way you would need a whole large crew of real players to do anything meaning full with a captured SoD. (6 sails and 52 guns to man) With these improvements, the rewards can be made better as well. The players would spend a ton amount on the seas to hunt these SoD down. 

Add random pirate NPC vessels that are half the difficulty and reward for newer players and just general fun. (this could work into a faction system! Destroy only ships that of opposite faction of your own... Imperial\pirate\privateer)

I always thought every time a new ship is launched that it should also spawn a replica ghost version someplace in the world. Or, Spawn a ghost version of ships that sink. So that there is a chance you may have to fight yourself someday!

OR have players submit their ship designs and build outs to a data base that the game pulls from to make the ghost pirate ships with....just some ideas

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