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Please HELP ME!!

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If anyone can help me I will appreciate. I use to play Atlas but I didn't have any problem like this and I have this problem only on ATLAS. I've already searched online , I found nothing.  First of all when I join a Atlas server my GPU driver is removed by itself. Secondly, I think because of non-GPU driver, my CPU usage rise out %100. The game bacomes slower, I have fps drop. The game doesn't detect my video card. When I try to change the resolution, there is only one option and it is "custom". When I use GeForce Experience to optimize the game setting I couldn't change it pegs at opitimal settings. I deleted the full game and re-install, I verified integrity of game files, re-start my PC, re-setup my GPU driver but non of these works.  

My system inventory:

Windows 10 - everything (include drivers) is up to date


GTX 1080



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Is it a laptop or desktop? If laptop make sure its plugged in to power while playing and battery saver is disabled. If desktop, make sure your monitor is plugged in to the graphics card and not the on board graphics. 

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