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Buff for the pathfinder/character

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Buff for the pathfinder

If you have not eaten or drunk enough, your character dies. If the vitamins are not right, your character dies. But often it is a necessary evil, you pay attention to it or you die. 

My suggestion is to implement a smal character buff.

If the character would get a buff for a longer period of time, you would pay much more attention to it. If you die, you lose the buff. With time the buff rebuilds itself.

Greeting Frank

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No. Simply No. 

This is a survival game and one of the aspects of survival is to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated. There are skills to help deal with this under Survival and cooking to help with this exact thing. 

As far as buffs go, if you die, of course you lose the buff. Don't die. Be more strategic when going into combat are being out in the wild. Certain recipe foods give specific buffs. Ale for instance decreases damage take and increases melee damage. Certain skills increase damage. Armor reduces damage. Use a shield with Parry skills. Build your character to the way you like. There's a skill tree for healing. Celery soup increases health regen. 

There are quests that give permanent boosts, for instance killing a sperm whale gives a permanent bonus to taming affinity. Meeting a 'friendly' mermaid gives a permanent boost to stamina if I'm not mistaken. 


Played right, your player character eventually becomes pretty over powered except on bosses. Starting out, you are weak but eventually you work into a much more powerful character. If you want to be super over powered, play singleplayer or unofficial. I however prefer a challenge. 

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Posted (edited)

Nice to see a comment, thanks for your thinking.

I say: In this survival game you can take care of your diet, but you don't have to. A bed nearby always helps. I have over 3600 hours in the game. I know how many players play exactly so. But play PvE as I consider PvP unplayable today. I don't enjoy PvP here (but that's total another matter).

Do you need a buff through food in the game? When exactly?

I die briefly, go to the corpse and pick up my stuff again. DONE 🙂  or is this wrong? Tell me ... I am interessted on.

Almost everyone does it (in my company). Most of the time... it's not like you have a problem with it. You can die 1,000 times, it doesn't matter. It's rare that I actually bring food.
Using a shield, healing, wearing armor... it's got nothing to do with it.
You played it right? Are you really playing the game and for how long? Should I explain in detail how to play it?

My idea is to create a stronger incentive for you not to let your char die. Or you can do it the other way around. After a death a minus buff 20% after you alive again on basic stats, until the character gets a normal value back over time after 60 minutes or???. But it is clear the most are not want that 🙂 my meaning ... but is more  survival game then.

I am curious if I get to read more comments.


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You cleared up the original post with your reply. So to answer your question. There is a buff for maintaining your diet. Here it is. It's icon is the four vitamins you see when your diet is good. This status if also buffed if you've completed the Squid Killer quest.  


HUD Text: Vitamin Equilibrium Boost
Keeping your Vitamins balanced and full will keep you healthy, and if you can maintain it, you will gain stat bonuses such as increased fortitude or movement speed.

Fortitude: +30

Melee Damage: +10%

Movement Speed: +10%

Other Information: Equilibrium is a positive Status Effect given to players when their Nutrition is well-balanced. Remember that neglecting your Vitamins balance will lead to Vitamin Deficiency. Take care that you eat the needed Vitamins. If you not hungry enough do something to reduce your stamina. (Dancing, running, farming.) In the time the Stamina regain you will get hungry again.


That alone should be cause enough to maintain healthiness. I see what you're saying about the respawning aspect. I've done the same thing, but only when building a base or a boat. All the running around and such is intensive on hunger and vitamins, so I just let my character respawn. One thing they could do, is when you die, is provide a DEBUFF. You mentioned this as well. Kind of like the age debuff at higher age. This could be like a fatigue debuff or something for 10 minutes to discourage dying. I agree with you now and understand your viewpoint. It was not clear in your original post. 

Lastly, at this point it doesn't matter how many hours I have in game, so quit the weird flexing and stop being rude. 


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this system is broken. we just kill ourselves when the food and vits get out of whack.
we have dying boxes on our ships to store your stuff so you can just jump overboard, respawn...good to go!
We did the whole food thing for a while but it got tedious. I love the concept what they tried to do, but it was poorly done.
I would definitely love to see a revamp of the whole food system...including specialty foods for your animals and NpCs.

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