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I love this game! however it is getting quiet. 

It is supposed to be an MMO and there is nothing keeping mmo style players in the game. Here is my suggestion for a new 'mega update'

-fix and then bring pirates settlements to official. 

-Every large island should have an npc faction on top of this which offers quests/ jobs. This town would be a sanctuary from pvp and have shops which you can buy or sell things to. 

-in order to claim a large island your company needs to have enough members and have enough influence with the local npc town. ie: you have to do jobs for them and keep doing them

-if another company wants your claim they need to have enough members, get on the same reputation level and 'bribe' the npc's with gold. 

-smaller islands would have the current claim system, except pirate factions can spawn a certain distance away from the flag. 

-put NPC faction ships on the sea. Depending on their faction they will either pull you over to search your hold for contraband or try and steal your wares.

-make a pvpve server. This would have pvp hot spots in areas of rare resources, safe waters and pvp waters, havens' in which to have a base which is not going to be raided pvp. 


This would be a big update, but it would bring a whole new level of depth to the game. Allowing you to do another launch event, potentially making more money for the coffers.

It also future proofs your game, as you can open new 'quest areas' and 'storylines' which can be dlc like ESO or a monthly membership that would allow access to all dlc. 

So i'm not just asking for content here, I want it to be profitable for grapeshot because i want you to keep making marvels like this! and lets be honest Atlas is already amazing!

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