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Ancient bug when crossing from one region to another - tames jumping ship

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I rememeber people losing tames while sailing back in the day and we could never figure out why. I was just playing single player today(haven't played in months really) and when crossing from L7 to M7 ... I enter M7 and the giraffe I have on the bow of my brig (which is PASSIVE and ignore group whistles) just turns and starts walking off the edge of the boat. No idea what caused this giraffe to go overboard. My other tames on the boat were fine and just sat around watching the giraffe hurl itself. This type of thing was so annoying back in the day... can't believe they haven't fixed this. I remember seeing dozens of tames floating at the edge of the grids... You assume its due to some battle or ship of the damned, but nope... just bad code. 

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