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pve EU-PVE [The Norsemen] B11 Market

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Hello ladies and gents of the 🌊 7 Seas ! 🌊
-It's about time [The Norsemen]Came around here! Yarr!  ☠️
We are a highly active community with a great deal of work orders! 📰
We also finally have perfected our clean exclusive lvl. 98 Z-Line Black Bears max Melee % on the server -Truly one of a kind bear!  🐻 :classic_love: 
-A joint venture with [ZFG] that we are darn proud off! -so check them bears out !
We also have a kitchen, known to a ton of people already, for the quick cooking and completion of huge orders!  🥘👨‍🍳 
 -We even provide a tour if you stop by, of Atlas largest kitchen setup! A spectacle none the less! 👀

We also have some of the most capable skippers for freighting goods :anchor:, and the option to protect your precious cargo -So any transportation needs ? -Swing by!  Check out our reviews and contracts, both active and completed, for any questions.
-We are an old school company  with  💯 % respect and positive reviews and been around for a long time! :compass:

Please allow me to put up an advertisement for our active market, player shops, maps :map: and crafts and drop by for a cup of rum! 🍾
Settlers are ofc welcome on B11 - Tho please respect the few rules we have.
Any questions, please feel free to join our discord and ask Join Norsemen B11 Market Discord!    :hook:
#Keeping the community alive and active  ❤️ Atlas ❤️   Safe winds out there! and see you soon!!






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Posted (edited)

 Tavern is open !  🔞 

-In here you can get your Grog 🍻  on !  or enjoy the  🌶️ Spicy Rum, or if you are a daredevil, you could always hit the infamous DRAGON Tongue Delight 🐲👅 ! !
Meet ya at the Tavern! :hook:
All available 24/7 at @B11 Norsemen Tavern.


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Yo-ho-ho! :skull:

In the Letters of Marquee ✉️ -It states; we got to remember the "Crew-Appreciation day!" :classic_love:
-In these times, when things intensify in the vast world of Atlas, and us as company-leaders can see absent, due to the sheer volume of DM / Trades / Questions / Preparations etc. -We can't loose track of what makes our company so amazingly great !! 
-Our Crew and Allies we are hanging with on an everyday basis, sharing and carering with. 

Credit to : 
@Angus McBacon
Our Architect and our go to guy, for boatbuilding and when shit hits the fan, and we need a quick responder. Lately a very fierce SoTd-hunter.
Our South African tech wiz and helpful soul, in all matters! -Angela also has the job as the bar-lady and greeter at our Tavern, this gentle soul really makes everyone feel warm and welcome. 
Our tiger loving breeder, who also are the anchor and chain to keep our good Jim, down to the ground -Always helpful and an amazing builder and grinder.
Our diamond in the rough, a guy who has shown us, we can't judge a book by its cover. 
An amazing chef of our busy kitchen, a A+ Galleon driver and always willing to help out in a pinch. 
Our relentless whalehunter, dedicated to the nightsky of the frozen bodies of waters. Viator is really your go to guy for the odds and ends, he is an inventor of crazy things, and not afraid to try out things, no one and i mean no one else would think off ! 
Our whip and not so much carrot, this guy is the backbone of efficiency in our company and we are very happy to have him here, This guy is a generous soul, and a truthteller, so careful what you ask for!
Our bilingual guru and party animal, always there to kick up the party a notch! -While the attention is divided in many places, we can always count on Sweet for a good laugh and a #CockInSock momment for everyone to enjoy. Sweet is a great elephant humper and his grinding skills, knows no equal. 
@Wanda Alpin 
This young man got a heck of a lot going for him, he is with no doubt our greatest DJ, and always cheerful and helpful when not ignorring you on discord. This guy is the BEST salt-farmer in Atlas, some would even call him the "Salt-Guru!" #SaltIsLife!
He is also the guy who taught us "you gotta risk it for the biscuit!"
A lesson we all need to learn from! 
Our Blessing and constant reason to fear stuff - I mean we did see a sign, saying "Touch this and i'll cut you!" So with no doubt, when Scar talks, we do tend to listen. Scar is an amazing organizer and great at holding the reins in any given situation. 
@Sandy Beaver Beside have an amazing name, we do enjoy Sandy's Eclectic musical taste and her enlightening us to different funny animation bits. Sandy's visits are always memorable and lighthearted.
@our other allies and friends we speak to occasionally, a great thanks to you guys to, for making this server a great place to be, and keeping an welcoming atmosphere and always up for a smile!

Ladies and Gentlemen, i salute you all and it is a blessing and an honor to be in this company and alliance with you lot! -Thank you for everything you do, i would not be enjoying the game or have any reason to put effort into this, if it weren't for the great build we have made together! Thank you all!! 💙

I call out all leaders to make sure, you have given your crew, the appreciation they need and deserve, for having to put up with us, at times headless leaders hehe. 
Take care out there people of the 7 seas 🌊 and Weigh anchor! :anchor:

:pirate_mask: Cpt. Anno "Siren's Curse"

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NEW MAPS IN SHOP @B11 at the flag ! 
Only higher Fine maps between 400g - 3000 g

Good luck pirates ! Yaarrrrr 


See you at the ZFG-Norsemen Market! :classic_love:

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Hi, I see you guys have a base on my island and locked taming pens. Could you please unlock the taming pens. Thanks, Oneill70 Company. If your not sure the island it's in O11.

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