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Community Megapatch Ahoy! (TOH Mod)

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Ahoy Pathfinders!

Posting this thread in regards to a personal project I am starting. As everyone knows, I have a few ideas for Atlas but am saddened as much as everyone else here about how much we are being ignored lately. I am sure you have also heard ( untrue rumors) that officials might shutdown. In any case, I have been itching to see some of my ideas come to light in game. As such, I am building my own mega-patch/overhaul mod in lieu of the devs implementing new changes.  While I cant yet see myself implementing things like factions, I can certainly work towards other goals and QOL concerns we all have. In this thread I will be laying out my goals, balance changes and taking feedback.


As I meet each goal I will indicate so with a "✔️" check-mark. 

Things that aren't possible to change will be strikethroughed.

This mod will be focusing on increasing the viability of the game for solo and causal players.

Please suggest and changes you see fit, and if I agree they will be added to my list.


Land and Claim Changes:

Can no longer build above a certain height. All pillar tops will now have metal, gem, crystal, oil, or coal resource spawns, including limited amounts of rare or far away types.

Wartime reduced to four hours.

All islands now have necessary resources to make ingots, however those wishing to make large amounts of ingots will still have to find a suitable island for this.

Reduced counts and aggro range of Cobras and Rattlesnakes, no longer aggressive. Instead, only attacks if stepped on or attacked by another target.

Reduced aggro range of Lions, Tigers, and Wolves. Predators will now actively avoid players and tames unless they are hungry, being attacked, responding to allies, or when targets stray to close.

Bears now act like Dire Bears from Ark, will now aggro if their personal space is  threatened for too long.

Boars now have stronger attack, more health, and more stamina.

Pirate Fortresses and Dungeons can now be found on certain islands. These feature repeatable encounters with Army of the Dammed, and Wild Pirates.  (More Below!)

Removed map spawns in undesirable areas.

Wild Pirate Encampments will now spawn on unclaimed islands.

Mainland Claims: Claims placed on mainland now claim an area similar to a 35 point island. Players will be limited to only build in claimable zones on mainland. This will eliminate greifing and "pillar spam"

Golden Age Islands are now PvE, temporary structures can now be built to ease early game progression.


Map Changes:

Fixed map errors, clipping and removed several "shipkillers" in areas where they don't make sense.

Replaced many Lawless Grids with "Mainland" grids. Mainland grids are similar to Blackwood. They feature a large, expansive PvE focused areas. These grids will be flagged PvE, so they are suitable for small groups, as depots for large groups, and as a safe place to log off without free-port decay. However, they are not a place of absolute safety. War can still be declared allowing players who have been wronged or who are diplomatically opposed to claim what is theirs. Mainland areas contain a large number of encounters like Dungeons and Pirate Fortresses.

Freeports reworked: Freeport decay increased, tames will now starve faster.

Increased number of temperate islands.

Decreased number of desert islands.

Swamp and temperate islands may now be found in some zones.

World now properly stitches, you no longer can travel from the north pole to the south by going north, or the inverse.


Tame Changes:

I am a firm believer in buffing things to make them less or more relevant. In order to make tames less of a focus, and less of a "problem" I will be implementing changes that make tames better.

Added Feats: "Familiarize, Summon Tame, Unsummon Tame" Tames can now be turned into "familiars" allowing them to be summoned and dismissed using a method similar to cryofridges from Ark. However these tames are character bound, and are not lost when killed. When defeated, they will drop their inventory and be un-summonable for ten minutes.

Taming Overhaul: All taming is done passively, increasing the value of the "Sneak" tree.

Breeding Overhaul: Gestation to Adulthood now takes six hours. Imprinting mechanic disabled, all babies get 100% imprint stats from birth. Stats that can be gained from breeding and mutations capped. Hidden mechanics to guarantee better genetics from birth have been added.

Powerstone animals can now be tamed, allowing players to skip most of the breeding stage.

Boars, and Wolves buffed significantly.

Great Tortugar no longer tamable now gives large amounts of shell.

Sea and Ship Changes:

Removed cyclones.

Added Wild Pirate ships.

Removed "dead wind"

Added "Ethereal Wind" feat, allowing the ship that cast it to ignore wind for some time. This effect is canceled if the ship casting it preforms and aggressive actions.

Resources Placed in Resource Chest are now 2/3rds lighter

Cargo Containers now have 100 slots and reduce weight to 1/8th. Speed debuff is maintained.

Cargo Sails now reduce the effect of  Cargo Containers

Ships can now be "bottled" by a player. Like familiarizing tames, this ship becomes bound to the player. If sunk, the ship can be summoned after 48 hours. Bottled ships when sunk will only drop items from containers, but are not harvestable (like Ramshackles)

Figureheads removed from Cosmetics shop

Figureheads now functional; can be acquired from various sources.

Included "Indiaman Ship" Mod as part of this package.  ✔️

Shipyard Bonus level formula reworked. Now every 10%+ equals 1 bonus level.

"Armored Banding" item added. When placed in a ships inventory screen it increases the Resistance Stat by some amount.

"Light Hull" item added. When placed in a ships inventory screen it increases the ships potential top speed by some amount.

Ammobox now explodes if destroyed by canon, fire, or gunfire and not empty.


Combat Changes:

Bolas now more expensive and last longer. They no longer require low health to trap wilds, tames, or players.

Increased projectile size of all guns.

Increased damage of swords vs other players

Increased Armor durability.

Army of the Dammed made significantly weaker to swords, now do significantly less damage vs players.

"Whats Yours is Mine" reworked. Once an enemy ship has been put into the "sinking" state, casting this on board will cause all doors and containers to be temporarily unlocked.

Progression Changes:

Hydra Powerstone Bosses spawn in a predictable area and cant be "cheesed" on boats.

Wild Drakes no longer damage boats, but will kill NPCs or players on the boat.

Powerstone caves and buildings have had number of aggressive spawns reduced.

The Ghost Ship is now summoned by playing a song on the Accordion on a foggy night.

Dungeons added to Mainland and various other islands. Challenging fights vs pirates, AOD, or aggressive creatures beguile worthwhile loot.

Inventory and Item Changes:

Resources now stack significantly higher and are significantly lighter.

Food can now be stored in the Icebox. Ice now lasts significantly longer.

Tools now last longer

Cargo Harness can be worn by the player, reducing the weight of its contents by 1/2. (I I really want a rickshaw, okay?)

Added Item "Lumbermill" when an NPC is assigned to this station, it will slowly generate wood. Up to 12 crew can be assigned to this. Only one per company per grid.

Added Item "Mine" when an NPC is assigned to this station, it will slowly generate minerals and stone. Up to 12 crew can be assigned to this. Only one per company per grid.

Mineral Oil can now be made by combining Oil and Fiber in a Grill or Cooking Pot provided the Chemicals and Tanning skill.

Crew Changes:

Section removed. Will find ways to implement some of these things: like the compost bin without needing an NPC.

Thatcher: assigned to fertilizer bin. Automatically converts poop in the area to fertilizer.  Instead, I will

Cook: assigned to grill. When given ingredients will cook recipes that the user knows.

Recruiter: Allows the player to recruit new crew. Functions like freeport recruiter.

Stableman: Automatically breeds tames nearby, pausing the growth timer on birth. Also ensures babies are fed.

Fishermen: When given a net or pole, crew will automatically fish nearby waters

Woodcutter: Assigned to Lumbermill, passively generates a verity of woods

Miner: Assigned to Mine, passively generates a verity of minerals and stones.

QOL Changes:

Removed _suffer, and other annoying player sounds. ✔️

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