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[OMG] Matin

pve EU PvE - Oh My Gold Brah ! - B8 - Cheap breedable bears, parrots and more !

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:skull: OH MY GOLD!!! :skull:
Hi fellow pirates!

[OMG Brah] is a small company located in the middle island of B8.

Please join our Discord to be aware of our next events and be informed of our last animals and goods in shops :

Shops :
Treasure Maps shop is full of green, blue and purple maps! Fresh restock every Thursday evening and during weekends.
Resources shop is also up and running. Small quantities available anytime at our docks. For larger quantities, just ask in the reservation channel in our discord.

Our monkeys :
Several monkeys, breedable. So far, we're selling 14pts Stam, 14pts Stam + 11pts food, and 12pts Stam + 11pts Food Males.

Our Breedable Bears
Our bears are above average and we sell them breedable and cheap in comparison to other alphas bears from big companies.
Yet, they are battle ready : we do blue maps with 2 of them and purple maps with 4 to 6 of them even if it sometimes needs some micro-management for really high level maps.
Stats without imprint :
Level 70 - HP (14 pts) : 813 / Stam (14 pts) : 1200 / Food (10pts) : 6000 / Melee damage (14pts) : 176% / Oxygen (6 pts) : 432 / Weight (11pts) : 1159
Prices : ONLY 10k !!

Our Parrots :
We have a lot of different colors so feel free to give our Discord a tour to see if some interest you !
We also have some stats on them to sell : 13pts HP or 12pts Stamina.

See ya pirates!

Matin Ohemjay,
Oh My Gold, Brah.

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  • Our breedables bears went down to 10k each.
  • Resources and Treasure maps shops will be live tonight
  • New features on our island too : free poop tower for easy fertilizer crafting, ziplines from wood farms to docks

Monkeys, crabs and blueprints are on their way too 🙂

Keep in touch with our discord!

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Treasure Maps shop and resources shop have been restocked!

Monkeys on sale too, watch out for our 14pts Stam breedable males!

Last but not least, we'll start our Settlers program this Sunday!

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