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Dirty tribe, Easy Raid

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Was apart of a great tribe on Krakens Grasp for 5 months, recently had some personal things going on with my real life, leader kicked me out of the tribe because I didn't get on the game for 3 days dealing with the issues I had going on. He knew about them, knew what I had to deal with and what was going on, still told everyone I was ignoring him and kicked me. Kept everything I had refused to speak to me told other tribe mates if they were caught in a party with me it was an instant ban etc. Just trying to seek a little justice and revenge for the way I was done. Got every bit of intel, info, details about their base if anybody wants to lend a helping hand. 🙃

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Poo happens, especially in mmo's, It's not pleasant at all, but it is part of gaming. What you are attempting to do here is no better than what you say was done to you. You need to just move on and forget about it, you'll find other gaming colleagues easy enough. Just give it time.

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