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Hello, I was wondering if the developers of this game could put a better prisoner system in the game. Basically, one that prevents the prisoners from dying quick(maybe a nerf on losing food or water). Take away where they can whistle or do emotes while handcuffed because it uses stamina which depletes food and water. You guys put cages and handcuffs in the game for a reason, make it worthwhile to capture a griefer or cheater and put them in a better prison system. Thank you for your time!

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YES PLEASE! More things to do with imprisonment would be very cool. 

Now especially since beheading has been nerfed when it comes to xp loss consequences. which blows that certain individuals ruined it for everyone because they wanted to powerlevel. it was a nice mechanic and gave excitement and urgency not to get caught. also, a reward for catching someone. it was nice. 

If the exp mechanic can't be brought back then could we have more RP alternatives. wall shackles, ball and chains, a whip, a torture rack or table, all sorts of medieval torture devices,  a stockade, more ways to display a captured player or corpse would be nice... hell even a cross. 

Once upon a time, the devs had talked about a bounty system having to do with collecting heads. but for a bounty system... wouldnt you need a law system? if there was a law system, wouldnt that open the door for in game factions? 

shit could get sexy af if only the devs would do it. 

Edit: also, id like to see finishers come into the game. perhaps if a player were only a sliver of health left, you could get an option to pull off a finisher where you have the chance to chop someone's head off and add it to the collection. 

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1. Feed prisoners
2. Give prisoners water.
3. Keep them blacked out with Blackjack
4. Heal them with medkit.

Enough possibilities.

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