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Disable Dino Wipe on Start?

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It appears that when the server restarts it wipes the dino population.  Does anyone know how to turn this off?  I see in the startup console:

[2020.02.11-14.10.56:766][  0]2020.02.11_14.10.56: Force respawning Wild Dinos!

And when you login, all the creatures do appear to be different.  I'd love to just let the game run naturally even after a restart as sometimes things go wrong and we need a quick restart.  However, I don't want people losing things they are tracking or hope to tame after the restart.

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AutoDestroyWildDinosInterval = 259200

  • If greater than zero, wild dinos will be automatically destroyed and respawned at this interval if the server has been live this long, to help keep wild dino populations correct. Only recommend using this if bAllowSavingWildDinos=false from the ServerSettings section





  • By default now, wild dinos are not saved in order to increase server savegame speed. set this back to true if you want to have wild dinos save.


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Thanks Meatshield, I appreciate you finding that and pointing it out.  One of those updates when we hadn't been playing.  🙂

So far, all testing done on our Blackwood server, shows that the server is ignoring the setting and deleting the dino's on each load.  Kind of annoying when you've found the perfect critter and have to reboot for some reason.

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