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Anchored Ship Weight Limit

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So recently we have kept a ship of building supplies maintained at a freeport ready to make a new ship using decent blueprints. We noticed we could exceed the ship weight as long as it's anchored, so we carried on gathering supplies that we need. I now notice that the once yellow weight is slowly turning red the more supplies we add to it. What happens if it does finally get to red, will the ship sink even though it is anchored? Need help understanding this mechanic. 

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well it does not sink on it's own... ours do not...
but if you pull the anchor (i.e. The Plug)  it seems to sink much faster than with the grey symbol...
suggest to remove the wheel, just so no one fk's up...😉
or put your stuff on a raft and not a actual ship...
rafts in Freeport sink in 12hr * Resistance...

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