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Medium walls / structure limit / Please ask for constructive opinions

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With this post I would like to suggest introducing medium walls. These medium walls should snap into place like normal walls. With 4x4 walls z. B. The following advantages are obvious:
- e.g. a house wall of 28x8 wood walls could be saved by 4x4 medium walls 210 structures (on 1/16). The same with floors and ceilings
- less structures, less lag
- build more comfortably
- you don't get to the structure limit so quickly

Half disadvantage:
- more area is partly built on. However, this is already possible with large walls. So it won't degenerate into medium walls.

Best wishes

PS: I translated this text on the Internet from German, please check me for possible grammatical errors :)

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Yes, we know, and said so in the past already... not happend in ARK, not happening here... you are only preaching to the choir...
Ja, wissen wir, und haben das in der Vergangenheit schon gesagt... passierte nicht in ARK, passiert nicht hier... du trägst nur Eulen nach Athen...


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14 hours ago, José Gaspar said:

There should be a wall that matches the size and style of each gate.


There is a mod that has huge walls the same size as the behemoth gates. I'm not sure, but they might have a few other sizes, each matching other gate sizes.

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