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Suggestion for EXP, TAMING, and FARMING Bonuses

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   With the bonus weekends and holidays that come and go, I had an idea to keep people active with these bonuses without being too overpowered.  I'd like to suggest another layer to add to this to keep people interested and to explore islands. Here are my suggestions:


1. ) Add random EXP bonuses that occur perhaps daily or hourly for random zones. Perhaps even in secret, so it requires another player to report the bonus.

2.) Add random resource bonuses that occur perhaps daily or hourly for random zones. This could work the same as the first rule. Could even narrow it down to certain resources.

3.) Do the same for taming as the first two rules.


Not sure if this could work, but thought it would be a nice idea if possible and would keep people exploring more randomly.


Thanks for your time,


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