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new Calculator and Atlas Market Place Website

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Hello everyone, and happy New Year 🙂


We have been working on a new Website for Atlas, a Market Place, where all sales are put in a same place, instead of playatlas and hundreds of Discords. One place for everyone, with tools for a usefull Market Place, like filtering and sorting.


And here we are ! The V1 of the website is ready !
The first version is just the beginning, lots of work is still needed, more features will be added through time. For now, it still in a kinda Beta.


But here is what you can already do:
- See all sales of animals, items, resources and ships (blueprints will come later).
- Ability to sort according to your server, and according to the categories (for example, on the animal sales, filter to only have Male Bear, clean, in EuPvP, sorted by Health stat).
- Create sales (you need to be registered and logged in)

- Use our new Calculator, the Stats Extractor. Put the stats of your imprinted and with tamed level animal, and the calculator will extract his Wild Stats, plus tell you how much points you manually put in each stats, what’s his taming proficiency, and all !
- Get a URL link that show your sales only ! And share it on your discord.

Here is what the website looks like :



For now, to contact the Seller you must have a Discord account. The link in the Sale will either redirect to the user itself (through his discord ID), or to his discord server, through invitation link.
To create a sale, you must provide either your discord ID (looks like this : 175338831698984961, I put 2 tutos on how to get them). Either Discord Server Invitation link (looks like this : jXBP6zb, and it must have expiration set to never).


Please join both of theses discord aswell (our discord, and the Official Atlas one).
Cause if not, you may won’t be able to see every Sellers on discord.
(you will see them in 'notes' section)

More will come in long terms !
- New calculators
- Blueprints Sales
- More filters/sorts
- Option for a chat within the website, instead of Discord.
- AI that is able to read an image of your animal sale, and populate inputs/infos for you.
- Event section


Here is the website :


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Small correction :
- Images section have been changed thanks to medullo (they should appear within 24h (cache)).
- Add small hint for Discord Invitation link, during register.
- Add a button on mobile to Create Sales, plus add the website logo to get back to home

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New patch :
- Correction about Discord ID verification, it should now work for everyone.
- You can now add your Region Server in "Edit your Discord ID/Link" when logged in. So you don't have to reput it on everysales you create.

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New patch :

New section ! You can now buy/sell items, like ship parts, weapons or shipyard -> https://globy.dev/saleList/item
(if item you'd like to see an item that is missing, please inform me and I'll add it asap)

- New logo ! (beta)

- Overhaul improvent on client side, sale creation should feel less laggy (especially on inputs).
Same when changing filters and such, should be less laggy aswell.

Btw, we are asking what feature we should prioritize in our discord, with some kind of 'vote'.
If you want to see a feature faster, or even see what we are working on,  go HERE


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Thank you for your work. It's really nice. I will use it in the future 👍

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The game is a bit dead right now but when it will go out of the game preview and hopefully have a successful launch, I'm crossing my fingers that your website will take off. Aside from some responsive issues, it works really well.

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