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Wouldn't it be cool if it was possible to hoist flags on the top part of the mast near the crow's nest like it was done historically on ships of basically every seafaring faction?

The flags could be crafted in the loom for example and coloured in the inventory (like most weapons, armour etc. can) and then put in a special "flag slot" in the sails inventory just like you would put skins on other parts for example the steering wheel.


PS: For large sails it could be possible to just use the flag part of the claim flag without the pole and for the small sails the cosmetic flag without its pole should be sufficient.


[Hanseatic league flagship Adler von Lübeck (1567-88)]



[A 74 gun Royal Navy ship of the line, c1794]


• Link: Illustration of Royal Navy command flag positions on flagships and captains ships (1545-1596)

• Link: Illustration of Royal Navy command flag positions on flagships (1596)

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35 minutes ago, Helgard said:

You can make a custom flag, get up the mast and put it there..


I know that and that is exactly what I have been doing but the custom flags are really minute in comparison to ship flags like the ones you can see on the pictures.

Those ship flags are basically as large as the custom flag's pole while the custom flag itself has more or less the size of naval signaling flags.

I would be completely satisfied if it was possible to hoist a flag the size of the settlement claim flag on the mast the colouring of which should be visible as soon as the ship renders into view.

What also is not really possible with custom flags but which would be with hoistable flags is quickly changing the flag. It could bring more depth to roleplay. For example pirates in the old days sometimes hoisted false flags (e.g. a British-, Spanish-, Dutch- or French flag) to lull their targets into a false sense of security to be able to approach it safely and then when they were close enough they took the flag down and hoisted their Jolly Roger instead completely taking their targets by surprise. To do the same with custom flags (apart from the fact that you can barely see them out at sea) would require someone to climb up into the crow's nest and repaint the flag which would leave that person in a vulnerable position and unable to move for the time it takes to apply the paint.

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