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What Does Gum Look Like

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Exploreatlas.co.uk and antihax.github.io bookmark these sites and theyll help you find stuff. Also i think its a tree but not 100.

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Posted (edited)

Found in the Equatorial biome so not sure you will find any in the desert? Typically found around the big lily pads in the swamp area if I remember correctly. Watch out for them gators though!


If you mean what sap is in the desert, then you want to look for Sugars or Honey. Use https://antihax.github.io/ and type in the type of sap you want and it shows you the islands where it's located.

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This is a few months late, but I took it upon myself to find what a gum node looked like, as my island in C8 didn’t have any. Attached below is a picture of the tree and proof of it containing said gum. I apologize for any inconveniences, as I’m playing on Xbox, but I thought this would help.



edit: resource located in bottom left island of C8, Maidligan Holm 


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