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Lychee Nut

Add a handful of sorely needed building pieces.

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Me and a buddy are build-nerds. We like to build, cool stuff, which should be a cinch and granted easier than ARK especially with the way better snapping system. however we have had a consistent and frustrating need for 2 different types of building pieces.

1. Add a door called Medium Plus or something, that is 3 tiles wide, because being forced to use a SHIP SIZE DOOR is ridiculous for elephants. Or adjust their collision sphere/box whatever your using. 

2. It would be really handy to have a right-angle triangle/half-square ceiling piece/foundation version. We have right-angle triangles for walls, so it makes sense. it has consistently been an issue for us when trying to plug holes in more complicated geometry builds, that we could have had it perfect with just that one piece added to our building repertoire.

After these, the other suggestions aren't particularly critical for me, just really nice to have.

3. the L-stairs need a variant which is straight, diagonal and as tall as a regular roof->stairs/ramp piece but still only as wide as the L-stairs(1/4ish of a block) It helps saves space on ships, and makes some more of our base builds look better.

4. Like above but also a half-block height variant like how the roof->half stairs are only half a block in height.

think about it as a QOL improvement that you guys keep talking about wanting to add in phase 1.

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