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Cannot build foundations etc, under water. "Too close to enemy foundation" is back.

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I had marked out a spot on my island which has a sizeable bay and we moved to the island weeks ago. I found a place where  I wanted to build a nice star fort in the water, we even checked if we could build there( and we could). Only one other person owns the island, and they gave us build permissions so we could build in the middle of the water (which we didn't need because we could still place things anyway, but it never hurts to be careful.) After setting up our initial base it was time to start building the star fort. but guess what? all of a sudden we can't build underwater anymore. the moment we touch the water with any building piece, it gives us the error: "enemy foundation too close" etc. But we double and triple checked the area, there is nothing. We even built stuff around the place we picked out, but inside that circle its a no go. we had issues on other parts of the island with nothing in the water either, and had to build around those too. But the water here isn't even as deep as the other places. checking the forums I saw people had this issue many months ago but supposedly got resolved. However, I am now having this problem. Me and my 5 friends have spent hours combing that area, there is nothing.

Is this a known issue, and are you adressing it?

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The distance differance on no-build area for items on land and items in the water is huge, if the owner / neighbour has had to move land structures to allow you to build, you need to look 5-6 times as far for any underwater structures they might have as they will block any structures you want to build in the water / but not on land.

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I have been having the same problem and there is no one around me. Once I pass a little from land I get the error. It has made placing ship yards impossible. Been this way for about 3 weeks. Whats odd is any other player can place them where I am trying, just not me. Tested with 2 different people from two diff companies. Def a bug. 

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