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Khillian MacDille

Some Quality of Life suggestions

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I'll preface this by saying I'm still pretty new, only been playing for a week now but here are some Quality of Life suggestions I think would enrich the game.  If any have been suggested before I do apologize, but please bear with me otherwise.

1) Vitamins.  Ok, getting this out of the way cause I have seen some discussions in regards to this but most just want to be rid of it entirely.  I love the idea, my issue is that the rates which food grants vitamins is woefully low.  If I eat a steak, some fish, a potato or 2, and a handful of berries I should receive sufficient nutrition for quite awhile.  Especially considering that the equivalent of this in game fills up a sizeable chunk of your hunger meter.  I think the idea is to push people into better recipes, but if we doubled the nutrition on foods I think this would still be accomplished.

2) Carrier Pigeons.  Pretty self explanatory, you'd still have to tame/breed them, but would allow players to send letters/messages to eachother in game whether they're offline or in another map cell.  While some people would suggest just using discord, there are sometimes issues that crop up with relying on 3rd party services, the biggest of which being trying to contact someone not on your friends list who has their privacy settings turned on.  This would allow us to send a message to companies for purposes of recruitment, letting them know you're building on their claim, etc.

3) Animal Cages.  They'd be a sort of storage mostly for transporting your tames on ships without the risk of them being swallowed up by the ocean due to desyncing or changing grids.  I've lost 2 bears today trying to do some treasure hunting, and it's pretty frustrating.  The system could be similar to the one in place for sails, with small medium and large sizes, and each cage would only allow for housing a single animal to limit how many would be transported per ship.  Definitely not asking for the cryopod feature from ARK here, as that's bordering on ridiculous, just some way to keep animals safe when on a boat since the game relies on boat travel as it's main feature.

4) Rotten meat as fish bait.  I mean, that's pretty much what chum is (along with guts, bones and blood)

edit: fourth suggestion

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