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Davy Jones [EU|DE]

unforgeable document Notes should have cafter information or a signature function.

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It would be cool if the note would save the information about the person that crafted it like for example tools, weapons and armour do. That way it could be used as kind of a signature to identify the "document" as authentic which would enable players to use the note for treaties or for orders etc. and the crafter's information could be used to authenticate said note.

It would be even better if there was some kind of item that would allow more text on it, would have some kind of signature function and as such would make any kind of document unforgeable which would open up a lot of possibilities for player interaction/cooperation. Players or companies for example could give out papers which would allow the holder to access certain areas or use them as a kind of cheque the value of which the player could cash/redeem at any holding of the company that issued said cheque.

The possible uses for such an item would be basically limitless.

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