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pve Ink Gaming Community 3x3 Atlas Grid

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Ink Gaming Community

Welcome fellow Explorers! 

Discord Link

 900+ Members on our discord
 Ink Gaming is a relaxed and friendly community that primarily focuses on longevity. We offer a small variety of mods to improve quality of life game play but keep the game basics active. The server consists of active admins! Also, in our community we love to do things together! We host events to bring everyone on all of our servers together! 

A1 and A3 are Home servers with freeports.  B2 is the boss arena.  C1 is a PvP lawless zone.  For this reason, we have added a merchant in the freeport that is in the middle (sorta) of C1 that will sell you max level tamed animals for gold.   I heard that merchant is a little greedy as well, so make sure to bring enough gold, but watch out for those other pirates, they want your booty. 

Map Layout
A1   B1   C1
A2  B2  C2
A3  B3  C3

 --Server Settings--

  • 3x Experience
  • 4x Harvest 
  • 20x Maturation 
  • Unlimited Respec
  • Max level 100
  • Atlas Shop/Starter Kits


  • Architect
  • Beastmaster
  • Harvester 10k 10%
  • Overseer
  • Shipwright
  • Editable Server UI
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Market NPCs
  • Medium Gates
  • Rations
  • Eco's Atlas Foliage
  • Peachy Atlas Decor

 --Server Decay Rates--

  •  Default
  •  Structures - 10 Days
  •  Tames - 8 Days


 --Server Link--

Grid A1 (0.0): Steam://connect/ (Daily Restart 6am Eastern Time)

 We hope to see you soon!

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