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Galleon Building Help

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I've made myself a Galleon, mastercraft quality this time around, and need some recommendations/help.

  • Once you have enough crew, what do you level and how did it help you? I'm leaning towards resistance.
  • At what weight does the steering for the galleon get worse? I assume it's about 50% and turning, handling gets poorer.
    • I did try closing my gun ports for turning, but it did not seem to improve.
  • Any other recommendations to improving Galleon handling.


This vid is of my Galleon being built and my trial SOTD run.



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Gun ports closed is a weight reduction for snapped ship cannons.

i have 300% resistance on my SoD hunter

Upgraded speed sails show a turn effectiveness buff that to my knowledge is disabled. 

I run my battle Gally with 2 speed, 3 handle, and 1 weight sail. Seems to be the right mix for me and keeps the ship viable for a kracken run.


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If you talking about Crew - put everything in health (I personally also add some in food just couple of points). Health need if one day you decide to go Kraken and it might kill every crew with his lightning.

If you talking about PvE SotD's fight I came to this one: 140% sturdiness, 160% damage and everything else in resistance. But this one is my personal experience of PvE sea battles and I don't do that with Galley. Tried it once and with it's maneuverability it's just a torture. IMAO Galleys here just not for seas battles, at least not in solo. I would say linen tactic in groups would work, but not with this shoot range.

So... yeah. Galleys as they're are. I came up with this long straight sailing, then turn 90, shoot and full sails straight again tactic. But this takes forever, and you'll probably loot just last damned ship you down, because you'll loose all other shipwrecks : ))

I prefer Brigantine for sea battles and did some success with this (didn't do lvl-50 Galley yet, but on my way there). And btw. I don't do all those extra designes with louvers and kiting tactics. Just usual Brigantine (wits some extra cannons) and boardside fight : )

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I always go 180% resistance, 5 Level Into Crew And the Rest is dmg.  The Turning effectivness works btw 🙂 

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