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pvp ☠️4/22 Nightmare PVP | X10 | NEW CONTENT ☠️

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:skull: 4/22 Nightmare | PVP | New Content - PC only :skull:

Join our new PVP private dedicated server which have been wipe the 22 april 2020
Nightmare is a PVP server with a bunch of modification for improving your gameplay and spend less time before having fun and combat! We are always trying to give you a server with performance, low ping and balanced PVP. Mods, boosted rates and weight, shop, kits and more. If you are looking for a real PVP server, with a good community, new content, balanced and with active admin, try it and you will love it!
New Atlas Content:
- Custom ship stats
- New structure for protect your harbor (large wall and gates)
- Rework of the cargo saddle, flame arrow, spike shot, glider, explosive barrel etc...
- Adding a new economical system for earn gold
- Trading (buy special seed, grow , process and transport for sell the processed ressource for earn gold)
- We are adding a new quality blueprint system with a new ressource type you can buy from a NPC with gold.
- Adding new tame
- Special map with path!
And many more things!
Server configuration:
- Aurora in all grids every 4 hours (double rates)
- All PVE Content (Kraken, hydra, damned, ghost ship, etc...)
- Settlement Gamemode with 4 hour combat phase
- Rates X10, Gold X1, XP X4, Taming X4
- Full PVP
- Boosted weight per level on tame and character
-Own stats for balance the actual Ship battle Meta
- Balanced stats for ship and blueprint
- 16 Grid
- All resources
- Active admin and community
- Dedicated server with low ping and good performance

All information about our server configuration are available on our discord:


Unlock All Powerstone

Editable Server UI (WBUI)

Join the server with this link:

If you have any question, don't hesitate 🙂
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we will wipe on the 13th march for add some new content in the game

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