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pvp ☠️ 2/08 Nightmare PVP | X10 | 4X4 | KIT | SHOP | MODS ☠️

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:skull: Nightmare | PVP | Rates X10 | Wipe 2/08 - PC only :skull:

Join our new PVP private dedicated server wipe the 8 february 2020
We have integrated the Pirate Ship spawn which is a first on private server.
- Aurora in all grids every 4 hours (double rates)
- All PVE Content (Kraken, hydra, damned, ghost ship, etc...)
- Settlement Gamemode
- Full PVP
- X5 weight per lvl
- Balanced stats.
- 16 Grid - Smaller grid (-35% size)
- Unique content:  AI Ship pirate (Galleon, Brig and Schooner)
- All resources
- Active admin and community
- Dedicated server with low ping and good performance


Unlock All Powerstone

ATLAS Shipwright
ATLAS Architect

All of our change are available on our discord:

Join the server with this link:

Or search our server on the atlas list:

2/08 Nightmare PVP | X10 | 4X4 | KIT | SHOP | MODS

If you have any question, don't hesitate 🙂
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