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Can't use complex Tattoo's on Official servers

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I spent two days creating an awesome Tattoo, using single player to test how it looked and make sure to not have any seams and afterwards decided it was good enough to try out on multiplayer severs. So i deleted my pathfinder and went to load the preset and Tattoo I had created.. Only for the server to kick me a few seconds later from a lost connection. This happened even after I made multiple changes to it, deleted anything that would have been in unused UV space and as a last resort removed all the color.. nothing. The only thing that ended up working was when out of frustration i erased 90% of the tattoo and left only a small spot did it finally accept it.


This sucks, please fix whatever is causing the timeout when loading a pnt file, the worse part is I'm pretty sure that all is happening local anyways so why not let us create our character without the server connection mattering?

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