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Fractured Vessel

Advanced/Better Sail Controls. (using sails to aid in maneuvering)

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Here's a suggestion that I would love to see implemented in game... I played this pirate game on my tablet once, and it allowed you to drop and raise your front and back sails independently of eachother to aid in turning. For example, you're sailing north, and the wind is blowing east. If you want to turn east quickly, you drop your rear sails, and the wind hitting the front sails pushes the front of your ship east. Or if you want to turn west, you drop the front sails, and the wind hitting the rear sails pushes the back of the ship to the east, turning you to face towards the west. I was thinking (xbox controls) you could have LB + Select button to raise or lower rear sails, and LB + Start button to raise and lower the front sails.

Not only would it add more to the sailing experience, and add more skill and strategy to ship to ship combat, but it would also give the lieutenant on your ship more to do on the podium. Obviously these controls shoudl be available from the steering wheel too.

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