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Shipped rolled over and wrecked

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A friend and I were sailing around O10 on our schooner when we sailed onto some shallow waters. We turned around to get back off this shallow area and boom, the ship seemed to have got sucked into the little island and wrecked the ship. I was AFK at the time(why my character wasn’t moving) and ran back to the TV when I heard the sound of our boat taking damage. I got there just in time to see the boat roll over and get obliterated. We just finished the boat about an hour before the wreck and felt sick but also couldn’t stop laughing at this unfortunate event. Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else, but it was sure a sad day.


Server: Kraken PVP Official

Time: Around Nov 26, 7:38pm Eastern

Location: O10 - Long:89.13 Lat:-22.11

Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vNgUlmmfeN1aUWGyCc8PdHAvz4MH8aJC

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Hey This happened to me too. I Didnt og that fast either . I might have hit shallow waters but to seee the ship explode like that was a big suprise for me, i couldnt do anything.

I tried to og backwards but invain.


I also want to report a prb With the small shipyard i have. I tried to build 2 New schooners they both sunk in dry dock, it was as if i had chose Demolish ship, but i asure you i didnt.

1st time it happend i was going into the Inventory. The second time it happened i dropped a Sea bass (Fish) on top of bottom stairs. Both time i had madse some progress., i lost a lot of materials. I have after that Toree Down the Shipyard and now i am trying for the 3rd time. I wount put on the Planks b4 i got all of them now, So lets see if that tactic will help.


Well lately it has been mopre bugs thatn 1st time i started on the server, but lets hope bugs will be fixed and Peeps stays happy :)


Happy Hunting Guys

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